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 Job Title
HR - Industrial Organizational Psychologist
 Date Posted
Corporate Headquarters
We are a progressive, industry leader in the cable installation market. We operate in approximately 10 different states.
We are seeking an Industrial Organizational Psychologist who is able to analyze the job requirements for approximately 500 employees in approximately 10 different states and implement progressive changes that will lower turnover and increase employee retention.
The ideal candidate will be able to analyze the relevant job requirements and formulate a selection process that will lower employee turnover. Candidate will also be able to analyze and formulate job retention strategies to increase employee retention.
 Job Summary
Ideal candidate will have at least 3-5 years experience in evaluating selection programs for companies who are experiencing high turnover. Candidate will be able to travel to multiple locations in different states to analyze hiring practices and implement progressive selection programs. Ideal candidate will have relevant industry experience.