Communications Unlimited, Inc. is leading the industry in service performance.  CUI provides unlimited access to communication technology in the home, office, or any location that is required. Our skilled technicians provide the best in commercial and residential installation, marketing, maintenance, and construction. We proudly set the standard for high quality, dedicated service to the customer, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Residential and Commercial Installations Communications Unlimited's highly trained technicians are adept at installing digital cable, high speed internet, and telephony devices in SDUs, MDUs and CDUs, adhering to all OSHA and MSO regulations and guidelines.

Custom Work
Communications Unlimited's extensive experience allows our installers to complete even the most extensive projects.

Communications Unlimited can meet and exceed your marketing needs by offering services, such as door-to-door sales, mass marketing campaigns, collections on non-pays, equipment retrievals, and MDU and residential audits.


  • Employee based
  • All white late model vehicle fleet
  • Uniformed employees
  • Completely outfitted with the most advanced tools in the industry such as DSAM meters, two-way radios, laptops and workforce enabled PDA's
  • 6-8 week training regimens with hands-on and classroom training
  • Continuing Education
  • Telephony Certified Technicians
  • Extensive management and quality control support
  • Full dispatch featuring Cable Data, CSG, provisioning, Wall Garden, and ICOMS experience are flexible

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